Data training

Data training programmes with significant added value

sense4data offers a wide range of data training courses that are representative of our teams’ multiple fields of expertise.

Companies that use our training courses therefore benefit from our real added value:

  • Experienced university teaching staff
  • Business know-how reinforced by our significant professional experience
  • Genuine educational value
  • The desire to learn and share

Experience tailor-made data training

Training programmes designed to suit the student

We offer an assessment of the students’ level before the training starts to adapt the courses to your company’s resources:
  • → Using information sheets on which future trainees list their prior knowledge, the tools they use on a daily basis and their factual expectations regarding future training,
  • → By the trainer’s involvement with the teams BEFORE the course, in order to understand the working environment and focus on the most important points to develop during training.

Training adapted to your specific needs

We adapt to the participants’ needs (specialised training, focusing on certain application cases and on activities and specialities: developers, administrators, managers and decision-makers)

Progressive programs to increase skills

We offer different levels of training (beginner, intermediate, advanced), with the possibility of organising schedules to enhance your teams’ skills

Learn more about all our training courses

  • Mobile application programming
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Big Data environments:
    • NoSQL databases (key/value databases, document, columns, graphs, etc.)
    • Hadoop environment
      → possible focus on different ecosystem components
  • Advanced databases: administration, pl/sql, optimisation, transactions
  • C, JAVA, J2EE C++ programming
  • Python programming, R programming
  • Data analysis (inferential statistics, acp, anova, ancova, simple and multiple linear regression, etc.)
  • System programming
  • Network administration
  • Excel/VBA: Initiation, further learning and expert level