Our story

Created in 2018 by Sami Najim, sense4data finds its origin from “perception” and the ability to understand, recognize and value complex movement and reasoning.

Sense4data helps organizations to accelerate digital transformation for innovation and productivity with AI powered decision making. With a unique combination of an AI Center of Excellence and AI software solutions, sense4data customers across all verticals automate decision making to enhance their offering and optimize their operation. Customers now really benefit from insight from their data to support their company goals with greater agility, faster time to market.
Thousands of decision making errors are suppressed everyday.

Sense4data, member of the FrenchTech, was founded in 2018 by a team of creative PhD and Data Scientist with a mission to help the digital transformation of companies. Sense4data has customers in various sectors and use cases, from banking to railways, from human resources to marketplaces.

Join us

sense4data is actively recruiting scientists, engineers and designers. If you are looking for a new challenge and path career, let us know and send an email : hr /@ / sense4data.com

What makes us unique are three core and shared valueOUR VALUES

Our Talents

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Sami Najim

Chief Executive Officer
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Bertrand Beaufils

Chief Product Officer - Phd
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Maxime Girard

Chief Marketing Officer
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Reda Bona

Chief Technical Officer
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Philippe Morere

Chief Data Scientist - Phd
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Halima Ahamadi

Data Scientist NLP
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Mohammed Boudali

Data Engineer
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Akram El Fadili

Full Stack Developper
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Mainak Misra

Full Stack Developper
Frame 102-9

Marcio Filho

Data Engineer
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Karyna Bikziantieiva

Data Scientist NLP
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Arnaud Jullemier

Data Scientist
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Julien Rouar

ML Engineer
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Valentin Cousin

Data Scientist
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Pierre Godin

UX/UI Designer Junior
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Alexandre Masson

Data Scientist Junior
Franck Tonye sense4data

Franck Tonye

Business Developer Junior


Marketing Assistant