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HR is at the heart of the organization’s transformation. Talent, skills and workforce management are crucial to support the success of your organization.

In the modern workplace, employees are required to continually update their skills to be successful. How could we train the current generation of employees with the necessary skills and experience to secure their future, in a fast-paced changing environment ?

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strategic workforce management with AI60% job filled internally
Thanks to AI !
50% of HR leaders expect increased talent
competition over the next 6 months.
Gartner 2022

Internal Mobility First

Benefit from AI and Natural Language Processing to build your future, you now know what skills are needed and already available to support your growth in a competitive market. You can value and optimize internal resources for faster employees evolutions and move.

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Use AI solutions to train talents at any level of your solutionsThere is a real need to raise the awareness of business lines and HRDs on the issue of the Future of Work,
to better capture the sources of performance optimization and prepare the organization and our talents,”
Deloitte – State of AI in the Enterprise

OAK is your  HR predictive hub to manage efficiently your strategic skill workforce and mobility

OAK offers HR a predictive management with an infinite horizon. No more lost skills, no more forgotten employee aspirations.
OAK maps skills, people and jobs. We use data to predict tomorrow’s jobs, future skills and opportunities for everyone at all levels of the company.

All people in the company will benefit from AI insight, from HR to Managers to Employees ! Whatever is your company size, skills are key to your success, AI saves you money and time to make the right decisions on your workforce.

20% of employees consider internal
mobility as a necessity and 35% as
an opportunity.

Beyond spreadsheets

OAK offers a clear view of ; the internal available skills, missing skills for the open positions, best match between open position and internal employees, Best match between missing skills and available training.

HR Team

Centralized, structured and scalable data.

Simplified employee career follow-up. The best employee suggestions for your new offers.

Personalized support in choosing the best training courses.

Anticipation of profiles that are likely to leave the company for an optimized GEPP (Gestion des Emplois et Parcours Professionnels).


Internal job offers adapted to your profile and your professional aspirations.

A training path that matches your career objectives.

Personalized proposals to ensure that you are always at the top of your game in key skills.

Support to bridge the gap to new jobs.


A refined vision of the skills of your teams and your projects.

Anticipation of mobility for better resource and risk management.

Strengthening of social ties through tutoring.

An alert system on the optimization of working time and the distribution of key skills.

Aim higher with your HR Strategy

And read how AI will drive your skills management and employee internal move efficiently! Forget the obsolete keyword comparison technique today, switch to real Artificial Intelligence solution.

80% of HR say that internal hires improve retention.

Why you need a strong Ontology ?

Comprehensive ontology system to link jobs, skills, training and candidates.
AI analyzes each job to extract important skills and core competencies.

Beyond a representative similarity calculation between two entities of the labor market lexicon, this ontology, through its continuous enrichment, will allow to follow the evolution of the labor market, such as :

  • The identification of emerging skills and professions.
  • The identification of skills and occupations that are disappearing.
  • The identification of the geographical proportions of the trades.