Data Solutions

We help you make the most of your data resources’ hidden potential

Data-driven management: automated intelligent decision making

Nearly 80 % of IT decision-makers admit that they lack the internal resources or skills to support their data recovery projects *

*source Markess – 2018
Unlocking data’s potential can create added value for all companies, regardless of their size. Moving from predictive analysis to prescriptive models is becoming a recognised modern management tool.
Many companies are unable to take advantage of this wealth, due to a lack of internal knowledge or to not being able to invest in skills dedicated exclusively to this important task.

sense4data offers a data R&D outsourcing solution enabling any organisation to integrate data valuation into its governance strategy or into optimising competitiveness:

  • Optimising existing processes
  • KPI and metric improvement
  • Facilitating user experience
  • ROI
  • POC implementation

Tailor-made applications and data solutions

sense4data builds the application block, a driving force and support system for added performance:

Study, design and development of applications and data solutions, implementation within teams, training, maintenance.

Based on the issues highlighted, a team of data experts is put together (data engineers, data scientists, developers); and a rigorous process is set in your company working alongside your business teams:

  • Defining the problems to overcome and objectives to be achieved (economic, technical, etc.): Identifying sensitive data, collecting data
  • Building software architecture
  • Data transforming
  • Setting up training, statistical models
  • Setting up API predictions
  • Implementing and integrating
  • Model management, version improving