Julien Rouar – Data Engineer

Role at sense4data

  • Prediction APIs and Machine Learning models developer
  • Optimising algorithms and R&D in Machine Learning


  • 2018 – Master’s in Statistical and Stochastic Modelling, IMB,
  • 2016Bachelors degree in applied mathematics, University of Bordeaux.


NIPS 2018 – “Representation Learning of Compositional Data”

Marta Avalos · Richard Nock · Cheng Soon Ong · Julien Rouar · Ke Sun

Professional milestones

  • 2017-2018Competitive examination Big Data Toulouse and Météo France, Forecasts and temperatures,
  • 2018 – 6-month research internship at INRIA/ISPED, “High-dimensional compositional microbiota data: exploring new methods and software implementations”


Areas of expertise: Anomaly detection (metrics, unsupervised, supervised)
Compositional Data Analysis (Gradient Methods, PCA)
API Machine Learning (Python, Flask, Redis-ML)

Specialities: Large-Dimension Models, Convex Stochastic Optimisation, Probability Theory, Compositional Data Analysis,

Personal characteristics/interests

Pragmatic and candid.

Enjoys going to the cinema and participating in the semi-professional tournaments of Magic: The Gathering